The Introduction

Hello everyone! My name is Kiwi, and I want to tell you a lot about whales. Maybe I’m not the best person for this, and maybe I’m not the most knowledgeable, but I the information I give you is certainly reliable. My goal is to give you as much information as possible about as many different types of whales, for any project you’re completing. And trust me, whales are ¬†worth researching! For as long as I can remember, I have loved whales. My mom used to read me A Garden of Whales by Maggie Davis before I went to bed every night, maybe even more than once if I was really hyper. I remember laughing at blowholes and marveling at how the whales just slid through the water. And of course, the narwhals, considered to be the unicorns of the sea, were one of my favorite creatures in the whole wide world. Not only are whales some of the largest creatures on the earth, they are extremely important to our ecosystem (you can learn all about that on the impact page). We often neglect to thank some of the other creatures on the Earth for their contributions in our lives, so here’s a tribute to all the whales, you big kings of the sea! I hope you can learn a lot!

This site is intended to provide useful information about whales. Please feel free to make any suggestions for improvements to this site at any time, as I want to make this site as effective for you as possible. Thanks a ton.




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