Hi. If you’re reading this, I am utterly flattered that you want to know about me, and I give you my upmost thanks. As I mentioned in my introduction, my name is Kiwi. I am a middle school student in New Jersey who just happened to decide to start this website for a school project in May of 2015. When my English teacher told me that we had to make six different mini-projects about ONE topic, I got freaked out. I mean seriously? 6! At least in my school, that’s a lot of work. Anyway, I settled upon the topic of whales. As I said in my introduction, I’ve been fascinated by them for a very long time, and this is my chance to learn as much as I can by teaching other people about them! For more information about me or my knowledge about whales, leave a comment on this page and I will answer any questions you have, or you can check out my About Me tab on the side of this page. Thanks again!


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