Toothed Whales

Toothed Whales: Toothed whales are, as the name suggests, whales with teeth. These are used to filter out food from water, and for eating.


Orca Whales


Orcas are one of the most misrepresented whales in the world. They are often given the name “Killer Whales” in order to justify their slightly destructive nature, though this is all to due to their captivity and wild popularity at sea parks, such as SeaWorld. Orca whales are some of the leanest whales, with little fat. They only weigh 6.2-9 tons as adults and about 395 pounds as calves. They are also a lot shorter in length than both the humpback and blue whales at 18-32 feet as adults (about three grand pianos) and 7-8 feet (Shaquille O’Neil is 7″1). The orca is one of the ocean’s top predators. In cases of extreme starvation, they will prey upon other whales in the vicinity. They will even go as far as to prey on small sharks, which is difficult, as sharks are a lot swifter than the orcas. They are the largest toothed whales and are considered to be large dolphins. Orcas are creatures who form permanent relationships. Once they form groups, they stay in them for life, and can learn to identify each other rather easily. These groups are called pods. Calves are often born into a pod and remain there with their parents until they become parents themselves. Orcas are in gestation for 12-16 months, with most calves being born in either October or March. There are 2 ‘genetically’ distinct forms of orcas, known as “transients” and “residents.” Resident whales travel in large groups and return to the same spots annually. Transient whales travel alone or in small groups and generally do not return to the same spot often. If you want to see an orca whale, you can always travel to cool waters, such as the Arctic sea or waters near Vancouver, where they dwell most often.



Many people don’t realize that dolphins are technically whales. With all of the complicated words for various water mammals, like porpoise and transient intercontinental mammals, it’s easy to get confused. Dolphins are considered to be one of the friendliest and most loved of all aquatic mammals, and are featured in multiple water parks across the globe. They are also frequently featured at petting areas at various resorts, such as Atlantis in the Bahamas.

UPDATE: Hello readers. I’ve been a little stressed with school lately and haven’t gotten much sleep so I didn’t finish this section. I promise to have this up by  June 18th (Thursday), which is the day after I go to the aquarium near my house to ask them some questions about their conditions and their dolphins. Thanks for understanding! I look forward to telling you all about my experiences. 




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